Printed Zine “(27)”

Hi all,

I’ve just printed a short run of a Zine that pairs my words and images 🙂 Here’s where you can find it:




found an old poem (2011)

Baby, I’m a table-top man
trying to put it there for you.
Whispering about tomorrow.
Lover, I’m a lover of the land
fist with a steady hand
save you sorrows for my arms.
Home is less a home than you
when I hold you i am new light
to spread over land and grow again
Baby I’m a table-top man
trying to put it there for you.
Whispering about tomorrow.
Lover, while you’re here
murmer a quick lulaby
twist me again


you glide through life
a shark in strength

rows of teeth concealed
silently seeking ecstasy.

a hushed tornado of emotional
vibrancy imperceptible except
to those who also

back up their motions with hidden
ferocity, bleed with no concern

whirl like dervishes, quietly
allowing the pull of hidden inner
forces to play a role in conversation.

us and the kiln

unconstruct the lack of gaps between us
let there be a moment of uncertainty
to breathe and let our feelings solidify.

hot in the throes of life i ran too hard;
living for me is something new and fiery

i got it from you, damn it. now you laugh
and gather odds and ends around the fireplace
letting it burn and take us in the process.

i’d rather be fire-tried and shiny
than lounging like the muck of clay we were,
easily pushed into tight spaces

left waiting for the next sculptor to be inspired.


Cut the windows out of this shoddy home
apple cores and you laying curled up on the earth.

Heading off into abandoned horizons never felt
so freeing. wake up and saddle up hitting up
gas stations to take a piss. chain smoking through
a crack in the door.

I laid my nest in you, brought bits of string
and shiny things. took photographs:
hung them frameless, intent on making the walls
feel less absolute.

How do places so warm fade into obscurity;
and what allows us to adapt so easily? throwing
our love away strictly for material constraints.